The 2009 Etape Caledonia Impact Report

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Etape Caledonia Participants (Cyclists)
2,290 cyclists actually took part in the event. The majority of respondents (88%) stated that they intend to take part in Etape 2010 and a slightly higher proportion (92%) cited that they would return to Highland Perthshire for a holiday.

 Overall, all aspects of the event were rated relatively highly, with the event course, registration and pre-event communication recording the highest proportions of excellent/good ratings (97%, 95% and 91%, respectively). 

It is estimated that there were 4,853 spectators who rated the quality of the Etape Caledonia race positively - with 93% giving a very good/good rating.  A total of 82% of respondents commented that they would be very likely/likely to visit the Etape Caledonia event next year.
 Spectators rated the overall quality of their visit to Perth and Kinross very highly, with 98% rating it as very good/good.  The majority of spectators (75%) said that they would be very likely/likely to return to Perth and Kinross for a holiday in the next three years.

The full 2009 Etape Caledonia Impact Report
This year's Etape Caledonia "attracted a total of 7,773 visitors (2,290 participants and 4,853 spectators) an increase of 81% on 2008.  The key factors in relation to the economic impact analysis are:

  • 86% were overnight visitors (81% in 2008);
  • 92% were from outwith Perth and Kinross (85% in 2008),
  • 44% from outwith Scotland (38% in 2008);
  • the vast majority would not have been in the area if the event had not been taking place
  • relatively short length of stay:
    o 1.6-1.7 nights for Scottish visitors
    o 1.9-2.1 nights for non-Scottish visitors"

Cyclists particpating 2,920
Spectators (friend or relative) 3,649
Spectator (other) 1,204
Total 7,773 peole attracted to the event
It is interesting that the event attracted an estimated 1,203 people who do not have a direct interest in the race i.e. some one competing.



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