Sports Therapy support in Highland Perthshire for those that cycle

Why do you need Sports Therapy?
Your bike has had an overhaul, it’s in tip top condition! What about your body!
You owe it to your bike to get your body M.O.T’d ! Athletes willingly push themselves time and time again to the limits of their endurance in order to achieve their goals. Experiencing pain with each maximum effort and learning to withstand it. Progress depends upon your ability to improve.

Through treatment we can remove the build up of general aches and pains that most sports people seem to accept as normal. This will not only help to improve performance and endurance but also prevent injuries and loss of joint mobility in potential trouble spots. Helping to maintain the whole body into a better physical condition.

What is Sports Therapy?
Sports Therapy is ’ hands-on ’ manipulation of soft tissue ( muscles, ligaments and tendons ) for injury prevention and therapeutic purposes.

Should I worry about muscle spasm?
A muscle spasm is simply a contraction that has failed to release. Muscles normally spasm to protect other damaged tissues, the more damage the more spasm, resulting in reduced mobility of joints. Sports therapy induces relaxation and desensitisation of muscle spindles leading to a release of spasm, improved joint mobility and reduction of stress levels placed on the body.

Treatments we provide - Everyone is an individual, therefore your treatment is individual to you.

Assessment of soft tissue to find problem areas, hands on Massage or the Bowen technique to address the problem, Muscle energy technique stretching to return the muscle to the optimum length.


Regular treatments can help avoid overuse injuries and traumas, as well as monitoring the effects of your training programme.

Pre-Event Treatment
To invigorate, increase circulation and activate muscles.

Post Event Treatment
To aid recovery by relaxing muscles, identifying problem areas and increasing circulation

Availability and Costs
Prices start at £15 for 30 minute session.  (£1 extra if paying by credit card)

Pre Race Treatments on Friday 11th May 6pm - 9pm 
                                and Saturday 12th May
9am - 8pm in the Atholl Centre Pitlochry

Etape Caledonia on Sunday 13th May 2012  9am - 5pm
Treatments available at the Big Tent in the Etape Village, Pitlochry.         

To book a your Etape Caledonia Massage treatment or for additional information contact Amanda McWilliam     
Mobile - 07784119377
E-mail -


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