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  • Who are we? Highland Perthshire Cycling is a registered Scottish Charity set up to promote and enable more people to cycle more often in communities around Highland Perthshire for locals and visitors.  We work alongside many different local groups, schools and businesses, running workshops, clubs, activities and events to achieve this.
  • What are our aims?  To support, develop and promote cycling as a sport, means of transport and as a leisure activity with Highland Perthshire.
  • How do we do this?   PROJECTS & EVENTS - working with schools, annual Festival, workshops, events all year round, travel planning, adult cycle training, advocacy on infrastructure.
  • How it this funded?  HPC are funded through a variety of sources which can vary as projects evolve.  Previously we have been funded through The Climate Challenge Fund, Sustrans, Griffin Wind Farm, Big Lottery and Event Scotland, amongst others.
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For more information on the work of Highland Perthshire Cycling or any forthcoming events visit http://highlandperthshirecycling.co.uk/

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Co-ordinator: Sarah Yearsley - sarah@highlandperthshirecycling.co.uk
Active Travel Officer: Kat Brown -  kat@highlandperthshirecycling.co.uk
Events and Marketing Officer: Scot Tares - scot@highlandperthshirecycling.co.uk



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