Glengoulandie to Camserney Burn

General description
Road section to start with remainder on rough Landrover track. Steep climb followed by small climbs and descents before descent to Camserney Burn which can be impassable when in spate. Excellent views, a real sense of being in remote, wild highlands, and a good chance of seeing red deer and grouse. Connects to Loch Farleyer route
Park at Higland Safaris if descending to Camserney or Aileen Chraggan if connecting to Loch Farleyer route
B846 west to Coshieville. Stay on B846 for 2.3km to take second track on right. After 200m track turns left and goes sharply up hill. Follow track for 5.5km to ford at Camserney Burn. If burn is in spate and crossing not possible, turn right (south) to push 400m across heather to bridge. On crossing the burn turn left on the track, follow up hill to meet Loch Farleyer track. Turn left for Loch Farleyer, or right to descend to Camserney or connect to Sheneval route
Fitness level – medium or medium/hard if combined with Loch Farleyer route. One short steep climb and several smaller ones
Skill level - medium. Rough Landrover track on climb and descent
Distance - 17km
Ascent total - 550m


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