I’m Dennise and cycling changed my life. I started this blog to encourage other women to join the community.

I was never someone you’d call “sporty.” In fact, I was so unathletic that I avoided sports altogether and stuck with playing the flute for my extracurricular activity. Then on a whim, I participated in a charity bike ride in 2008. It made road cycling seemed like a fun way to get some exercise.

What really got me hooked, though, was a 120k Ride for the Cure right here in Highland Perthshire, Scotland. I might not have even considered it if my boyfriend at the time hadn’t convinced me I had what it took to finish. He even talked me into buying my first real, alloy-framed road bike, which set me back 1200 pounds. But it was worth it! Since then, I’ve done many charity rides, races, and community events. Though I’m obsessed, I don’t compare myself to other riders. I’m like the tortoise: never the fastest rider, but I always finish. That’s what keeps it fun, I think, and leaves me free to push myself to the limits of my own ability.